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Encryption technology bolsters your privacy

ACP strongly believes that protecting the global information infrastructure ("critical information infrastructure protection" or "CIIP") is essential for U.S. national security, American economic welfare, and our fundamental freedoms. ACP has adopted the following six principles:
  1. CIIP is best accomplished through private sector solutions that are market driven and industry led. The private sector owns, operates, and has developed the networks and services that constitute the information infrastructure.

  2. Governments and industry must work cooperatively on a voluntary basis towards achieving CIIP. This should include an institutionalized and thoughtful dialogue between key government officials and industry.

  3. Government must not mandate the private sector use of particular technologies or processes, dictate standards, or prevent companies from using tools to test products because this would stifle innovation and harm the very infrastructure that needs protection.

  4. Governments must not violate personal and corporate privacy in the quest for CIIP. The primary threat to the privacy of Americans at home and work in today's electronic world is unwarranted and increased government monitoring and surveillance. Such privacy protection is best preserved by scrutiny of new governmental CIIP authority.

  5. Government should get its own house in order and improve information security within the government and should strengthen the government's personnel and technological capabilities to address cybercrime.

  6. Barriers to strong CIIP should be removed, including barriers to the widespread use of strong encryption. Encryption promotes national security, prevents crime, and protects privacy. The U.S. government must fully implement the recent relaxation in U.S. encryption export controls and make additional changes as necessary to ensure the ability of American companies to lead globally. Governments must not impose foreign import barriers or domestic controls.  |  © 1998 - 2003 Americans for Computer Privacy  |  Site Credits  |  Privacy Policy

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