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Encryption technology bolsters your privacy
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Crowd of PeopleAmericans for Computer Privacy (ACP) is a broad-based coalition that brings together more than 100 companies and 40 associations representing financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, high-tech and transportation, as well as law enforcement, civil-liberty, pro-family and taxpayer groups. ACP supports policies that advance the rights of American citizens to encode information without fear of government intrusion, and advocates the lifting of export restrictions on U.S.-made encryption products. ACP also supports policies that promote industry led, market driven solutions to critical information infrastructure protection and opposes government efforts to impose mandates or design standards, or to increase widespread monitoring or surveillance.

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Organizational members of Americans for Computer Privacy
Americans for Computer Privacy is composed of 40 trade associations and over 100 companies representing financial services, manufacturing, high-tech, and transportation industries as well as liberal and conservative organizations.

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