ACP Advisory Panel

Outside Counsel
In addition to Jack Quinn, Jeffrey Smith and Jeff Connaughton of Arnold & Porter, Americans for Computer Privacy (ACP) counsel, the ACP has retained two eminent constitutional scholars:
Professor Kathleen Sullivan, Stanford Law School
Professor Richard Epstein, University of Chicago Law School
Advisory Panel
Furthermore, the ACP has formed an Advisory Panel which will, from time to time, be called upon by the ACP to provide advice on the technical, legal, law enforcement and national security implications raised by computer encryption. These distinguished Americans will provide advice in their individual capacities and not on behalf of their current affiliations. They may also provide advice directly to individual members of the ACP, if asked to do so. The advisors possess unique and valuable experience with regard to the complex and important questions raised by this important debate. The ACP is honored to be able to draw upon the advice of these distinguished individuals and expects that others may subsequently join the panel.Richard Allen
Former National Security Advisor 

John Deutch
Former Deputy Secretary of Defense and
former Director of Central Intelligence

William Webster
Former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,
former Director of Central Intelligence and
former Judge, Eighth Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals

Abner Mikva
Former U.S. Representative,
former Chief Judge, DC Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals,
and former White House Counsel

Richard Allen
Former National Security Advisor 

William Crowell
Former Deputy Director of the National Security Agency

Robert Litan
Director of Economic Studies, The Brookings Institution

Fred Smith
President and Founder, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Malcolm Wallop
Former Senator from Wyoming

Joseph McNamara
Research Fellow, The Hoover Institution and
former Chief of Police, City of San Jose, California

Robert Atkinson
Director, Technology and Innovation Project, Progressive Policy Institute

Philip Zimmermann
Senior Fellow, Network Associates, Inc. and
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